Zoom free live classes from Anda Yoga House : https://www.andayogahouse.com/

Start zooming your own classes today Making teaching yoga easy.

Start zooming your own classes today Making teaching yoga easy. Start zooming your own classes today Making teaching yoga easy.

Do I need any prior experience?

No. We provide all the materials you need to teach the class. We've posted a copy of what is included  on the left. The course consists of a teachers guidebook and training manual.

What about the 90 minute class?

You can easily modify the class to teach  the 90 MINUTE  Hot Yoga 26/2 class.

How do I register?

Two ways:

 For the course only follow the link below or on the homepage to groupon.com https://www.groupon.com/deals/universal-hot-yoga-2

For the course plus classes: Click on the link to Anda Yoga House on top ofthe HOME PAGE. Create an online account ,select online store tab, select Hot Express training. Proceed to checkout. 

I can teach Pregnancy yoga too?

Yes. We've provided the dialogue and modifications for the Pregnancy class.

Will I get a certificate?

YES. You may request a certificate upon completion after 30 days as a registered member.

Submit your request to Universal Hot Yoga.

Other Hot yoga training  courses cost thousands of dollars. Why is this so much less?

We've made it simple. All you need is the dialogue. This is the what to do and how to do of the class.

All the Hot yoga Teacher Trainings have the same foundation. Learn the dialogue. You can teach the class. 

Can I get a Job teaching  Yoga after I complete this course?

The ability to deliver the Dialogue is a major part of teaching the class.

 Hot Yoga studios worldwide offer the Express and Traditional version of this class. 26 Postures and Two Breathing exercises.

The classes are Standardized. 

When did Universal Hot Yoga  start its Teacher Training program?

We began offering trainings in 2014.

Do I need to be able to do the postures?

No. Teachers deliver the dialogue. Corrections are given verbally. You guide the class with the dialogue.

What if I want to learn how to perform the postures ?

We've given most of you a minimum of two free consecutive days of unlimited yoga. We have affordable prices for unlimited yoga classes. Check us out at: https://www.andayogahouse.com/

Do I need any other knowledge?

Our program is the what to do and how to do. We've included the Medical Benefits of the postures too.

We offer ONE DAY TRAININGS TO build on the foundation of the Dialogue.

Can I take classes too? Yes. Practice as much as you want. We have affordable yoga packages for everyone.

Where are you located? Where do I take classes and Seminars?

9375 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego CA 92126

Next seminar Septmber 1st. Only $99. Does not include online course.

Seminar Schedule:

8am:  Optional 90 minute hot yoga class

10am: 60 minute express class.


12:00 -3:00  :

Posture clinic.

Teaching techniques and corrections.

Anatomy and Physiology .

Medical benefits.

Dialogue review. 

Verbal and non-verbal communication

Setting up your business.

Finding a job.

3:00 : 90 minute Hot Yoga class


Day two: Optional classes.

8am-   90 minute hot yoga

10am-60 minute express

3pm-   90 minute hot yoga class

5pm-   60 minute Yin Yoga

Register here: